What Women Need To Consider When Choosing A Hair Piece

Women who are looking to enhance thinning hair or simply add some versatility to their look can get great results with wigs or hair pieces. Though once meant to be kept a secret, weaves and extensions are now worn quite openly thanks to their popularity among celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Kylie Jenner, to name just a few. Women who are looking for the best wigs and hair pieces have a lot of options to choose from.

How Much Hair?

Some women prefer to add pieces or sections of hair to add volume to their style. Hair pieces are available in various lengths and can be cut to match the wearer’s natural hair length. A hair piece can also add an element like bangs (a fringe) or a ponytail. Adding temporary bangs is a great way to have them without getting a haircut. Some women prefer a hair piece that completely covers their own hair, allowing them to change their color, length, and/or style completely.

What Type Of Hair Piece?

Women who are looking for ladies wigs will find an array of construction types. For example, monofilament hair pieces are made by attaching strands of hair to a thin mesh, which creates a natural-looking hair line. With hand-tied hair pieces, each strand of hair is actually tied onto the mesh so that the hair seems to be growing out of the scalp. Lace-front and full-lace are two other very popular options, and they are attached to the head with glue or double-sided tape. One more option is wefted hair, with strands of hair sewn together across the top so that they form a long curtain that can be clipped or sewn into the wearer’s own braided hair.

What Type Of Hair?

Many people prefer real hair because they feel that it looks more natural than synthetic hair, and it can be cared for with shampoo and conditioner and styled just like growing hair. However, many women opt for synthetic hair because it is less expensive. High-quality synthetic hair can also look quite natural and is available in a wide variety of colors, lengths, and styles. Some women find synthetic hair somewhat easier to care for and style than human hair.

Whether they opt for natural or synthetic hair, women who use hair pieces enjoy being able to change their hair style with minimal effort. The best ladies wigs from top-quality providers will not only last but keep looking beautiful for many years to come.


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